2021 – Post #007

Well here we are a little over half way into 2021. Coming back to one of the blogs of days past to write something yet again. Happy to be fully vaccinated back in May. Felt compelled to finally put my money where my mouth is and convert that sand pit in my yard to an actual fire pit. Finished that right before we had the hottest temps in the USA.

Have a 20 year high school reunion coming up. Not so sure how I feel about that. Excited to go but also indifferent. I did only find out about the event because the website to sign up linked to a video of the high school slideshow I encoded about 11 years ago. I ponder about how many people I am still connected to are going to be going. So far the number seems very low.

Had a bit of a health revelation and been kicking ass with that. Currently down about 90lbs since coming back from Vietnam at the start of the pandemic.

Did see some family again for Mother’s day. Was nice to hang out without masks since everyone is vaccinated.

I have lost some friends over the past year. Mostly because they seemed to get wrapped up in that stupid Q-unacy crap. Hard to be friends with people that live in a different reality. I attempt to reach out now and then to see where they stand on things. Apparently being vaccinated I will be dead in 6 months to 3 years. Seems like an odd theory to have from those people.

I look out at the landscape of the internet and seems like a totally different place. I miss the days when people had their own little pages written in very basic HTML. Now everyone has an identity of a social media profile. I used to think I was going to make it as a blogger. But I am pretty happy with where life has gone.

I hope everyone out there in internet is doing well and would love to hear from anyone still reading. Drop me a line tristan@pipo.me

Owning a House – Post #002

Last December I had the joy of becoming a homeowner. Our offer got accepted on the night Trump won the election. That was a bit of a bittersweet day. On one hand I became a home owner. On the other the worst possible person to become a president was now president elect.

I have found that owning a house is interesting because there is always some new project to take on. With a first few weeks of owning the place I found myself having to rewire a garage door. Had to learn how to strip wires and run those. What had happened was the sensor wire had gotten caught in the garage door opening process and ripped it apart.

Had to order a new wire from Amazon, Wire Stripper/Cutter, Zip ties, Electrical Tape. Tried to splice in wires in the split. That failed. So I just reran the wire and installed it. Fairly easy process once I figured out what I was doing. Ordered some new garage door openers and life has been pretty great with the garage.

I decided to build a website for the house running on my Raspberry Pi on my internal network. I keep all the goals and future projects on there. Did some simple things like installed a Nest Thermostat. Still need to take on a Fire Pit in the backyard and get a grill. One thing at a time I suppose.