Facebook Updates That Don’t Get Posted – Post #003

I took the weekend off but that doesn’t mean things didn’t happen. When I was looking for things to talk about I was looking for things that I was going to write on Facebook but didn’t. What I didn’t was this review of my experience watching the film passengers.

I was trying to think of the last time I went to a movie theater where I didn’t find myself saying “Shhhhh!” The last movie I went to see in the theater was “Passengers” for some reason there was a chinese tourist group in there all talking and texting. After “Shhhh-ing” them multiple times I gave up and went and found a manager. The manager came and asked them to leave. The 15 or so people seemed annoyed by this. They could have just shut the fuck up and life would have been great for everyone. My review of Passengers is “Meh.” Basically Titanic in Space where a guy wanted company so he found the hottest woman to defrost to die with her.

I wonder what my thought process was for not posting that on Facebook. Probably because I get the impression that Facebook is very superficial. So I opted to not post something real that I did and felt. I get a secret joy having people kicked out of movie theaters. Last movie I saw was Beauty and the Beast. I ended up having to report some jerk who decided to bring their young child to the movie. The kid was running back and forth across the front of the theater. I went to go speak to the manager. He followed me and had it dealt with. Pretty awesome feeling to have people removed from ovie theaters.

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