2020 – Post #006

Man what a year so far. Been 3 years since I have put anything on this site. I think I want to get back into adding content again. It’s just a different world compared to what things used to be like. I would publish frequently. I wanted to have a blog of substance something I could reflect on later in life. It’s 2020 and things are just so bizarre. I am not sure how to comprehend where we currently are as the human race.

Perhaps I should dive into that a little bit. Even the back end for this this has changed so much that I am not sure I frankly understand it anymore. More research is needed. The blog has never been forgotten. Just ignored. I started blogging when I read an article about Google buying the service Blogger and figured I should start one of those sometime in 2003. Tried a podcast for a while. Here it is September of 2020.

It has been an amazing journey between then and now. Perhaps I have built a life. Not sure I’m always proud of everything. But I constantly hope to learn more and see expand horizons. I can’t know everything but I would always like to learn more. But it’s almost 1:00am on a Saturday. Err Sunday now.

Let’s see where this goes. Thanks for reading.

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