End of year Round up – Post #009

Well here we are. It’s December 2022 and just seems like it’s been one hell of a ride. Had a few vacations. Had a bout with Covid. Been getting allergy shots so that the prospect of a dog can happen.

One thing that has been a frequent occurrence. Is that on occasion have been babysitting my sisters dog. Which has been pretty fun he is a cute little dog. My sister is taking a trip to Hawaii in January. Going to be watching the little dude for over a week. So been shopping for a dog bed to put in my office. Hang out with me during the day when getting some work done. Should be a fun and epic start to 2023.

I guess the next thing I am working on is trying to figure out some basic electrician stuff. Want to convert an outlet into an outlet and a switch and drive two LED lights to add some more light to the driveway. Been watching lots of YouTube on the matter and studying electric diagrams. But get to make another run to Home Depot or Lowe’s get a few more items to finish the project.

Took a cruise up to Alaska in October and that was a cool experience. Got a last minute deal with some time off. Had a plan to got to Dubai. But those plans fell through. So Cruise it was since from Seattle it’s just a quick drive down to the waterfront and rather easy. The most difficult part is getting off the boat. Had a great time during the evenings enjoying cigars in the cigar lounge with fine whiskeys.

Well it’s 1:30am and getting rather late. Thanks for taking the time to read and look forward to talking with more people soon.

Setup a Mastadon account with what looks like Twitter imploding under the reign of musk. If you want to be pals on there https://oldbytes.space/tristan

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